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People with minimal internet usage may have collected Digital Junks and corruption that may weigh down the computer or Browser time to time. today we help you understand and solve facebook games not loading or working problem using few simple methods.

while visiting the internet your browser collects cookies, permission and download cache files in memory to slow down your system and enhance chances for conflict in between apps however this is not the only reason your games may not load on Facebook. before we jump to troubleshooting lets summarize the possibility of issues where one should look in case of same problem-

Why Facebook Games Won’t Load?

Here is the list of possible anomalies that could cause the trouble with user playing games on facebook.

  • Internet Browser Junks, Cookies, and Cache
  • Unsupported Games and Less RAM Memory
  • outdated system and firewall
  • Not install/Enabled or Corrupted Java, Flash, or ActiveX plugin
  • Ad Blocker or Antivirus Program Blocking the Games
  • Virus, malware or any other corrupted program
  • Cookies and Browser Settings
  • Facebook game rooms Loading trouble
  • Microsoft Framework is not installed/working
  • App permissions

to fix these issues please follow the recommended steps to get games working on Facebook again.

Solve Games Loading Problem on Facebook

if you trouble only with one particular game then try uninstalling the game room and install it again. make sure you are using your computer with administrative rights. lets start with troubleshooting-

Disable/Stop Ad Blockers – check your InterneT Browser for any kind of ad Blockers. Disable it while you play Games.

Remove Junks and Malware – use a good cleaner software or contact our support to have them clean your browser and computer. remove cache, cookies, and unwanted extensions from the system. run a full virus scan on the system at last.

Update/install java and flash- java is still the base for many games please download java and flash player from the official website and then enable them in your browser. checkout trouble with java and flash games

Change Browser- use a different browser to make sure the problem is not with thr browser only. you can download any browser as per your choice and give it a try.

Cookies Settings– go to your Browser settings and change the cookies to allow the cookies for games so yiu can load it.

Antivirus Blockage– please update your latest antivirus Protection for latest security and make exception for games that you want to play on facebook so it won’t stop the games.

we hope all of these suggestion would make it easier for you to get facebook games working again however if you need any help just dial toll free number to connect with our support desk to solve the problem.

you can also comment and let us know how we did in terms of this guide and support.