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Dear Users

Having trouble with games is not an uncommon thing. any device on which online/offline games are being played should be optimized and cleaned every once in a while. when pogo games take forever to load or start crashing then you should perform these easy tips to solve the problem. before we jump to a conclusion let’s find what possible reasons could cause these problems –

Why Pogo Games Won’t Load?

One won’t be able to point out precisely what caused the Pogo games loading problem unless checked one by one for trouble. Here is a possible list of issues that could inflict the problem. you may be able to contact pogo customer support at any time you need expert help.

  • corrupted /outdated Java/Flash problems
  • Slow or lagging internet connection
  • Browser or plugin Corruption
  • Pop up Blockers and Junks in the system
  • Games Compatibility issues
  • High Load on server
  • Outdated/expired Antivirus protection or firewall settings.

to know Go to the detailed Guide on why is pogo not working guide.

Corrupted /outdated Java/Flash problems

few games on pogo require java installed and enabled in the browser to ensure that games work on your internet browser. a problematic outdated java may not be able to support games. Here is How you fix the java problem-

uninstall programs
  • Go to the Control panel then find Programs
  • Search java in the program list and uninstall the java program from the computer.
  • Restart the system and then download the latest java from the official java website. go to download the program then run the application to install it.
  • Enable java in your browser and enjoy pogo java games.
  • Flash games are almost retired from so you no longer need flash in pogo.
  • many browsers such as google chrome no longer support Flash in the browser.
  • please check out how to fix the problem with pogo java if you have any other

Slow and lagging internet connection

it’s common to have slow internet problems so if your internet is slow the latency would cause the web page to load forever without result. if you using a WiFi router/modem for internet connection please make sure the router firmware is updated and no settings are blocking the internet causing the Pogo games to refuse to load. you can login router in simple methods.

lagging internet

try playing a video on YouTube to make sure the internet speed is fine or just run a speed test to make sure the internet speed is fine. you can reset the router or contact the internet provider for help if the internet is at fault.

if the date and time are wrong on the computer then it may cause the internet to stop working so make sure the time and date are accurate for the system.

Browser or Plugin Corruption

Pogo games can be enjoyed on almost any full browser such as google chrome, safari, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Opera, or any other full Browser but if you have any certain corrupted plugin or extension causing delay, or block in games then you have to remove it. Go to the Browser settings and find the extension to make sure nothing is blocking it.

Some Browsers have an inbuilt way of blocking the pop-ups from all web pages. go to the settings and make exceptions for your Pogo website to make sure you are able to enjoy Pogo games uninterrupted.

you can reset the browser to default settings to ensure all things are refreshed if not then use a cleaner tool to clean temp, cookies, and junk files from browsers to make it fast and smooth. one can also change the browser and see if the pogo game is working in other browsers. if you have any pogo login issues then fix them on a different browser.

Pop up Blockers and Junks in the system

remove pop up blocker

some programs such as cleaner tools, and the antivirus may also enable the third party pop-up blocker causing games screen, pogo games chat rooms to be stuck at the screen so go to your antivirus and make an exception for your pogo games. do contact our support and our team of expert tech team will help you do that.

run a full virus scan on your system to make sure the junk and viruses are removed from the system. find ways to unblock popups for pogo games.

Games Compatibility issues

Pogo games have very fewer requirements and since they can be played on the portal of the Pogo website without trouble however there are certain requirements that must be fulfilled. Please go to the pogo compatibility scan page to find out the system level.

High Load on the server

this is known as Wednesday challenge trouble. when a huge number of users are playing the same particular games or the Pogo web server has a great load of traffic then your Pogo games may not load in that case please close the games and try in after a few hours. there is a possibility that the Pogo website itself is down in your region so contacting support is the best way to know the real issue.

Outdated/expired Antivirus protection or firewall settings

computer systems, phones may start acting lousy and strange when the security system is not updated. please make sure the windows firewall or antivirus settings are not blocking the Pogo websites. if the antivirus is expired uninstall it or renew it to have the latest version of security.

we hope all of the information provided above will be able to help you fix pogo games not loading issues. do contact us and let us know if you need any other help with pogo games.