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Having trouble loading pogo scrabble on your device? Want to play Pogo scrabble but are not able to because it is not working? Well, here is the solution for all scrabble fans to fix the problem and enjoy your favorite game without any trouble. 

Pogo Scrabble is one of the most liked games on the website It is a game that can be played with your friends, family, and online platform

you can also try playing it with unknown online players who are as interested as you are and enjoy the game. You are allowed to play with all the game’s traditional rules like once you have played the word, it can’t be undone.

You can play for the tournaments being held on the website bound by the NSA’s rules, or you can also try customizing your gameplay options if you want.

Between all this fun and interest, if a problem or issue is forbidding you from playing the game and causing you to stay away from your favorite game, then this article is written for you. In this article, we will see the types of problems, the causes of the problem, or you can just dial pogo support number for help and assistance.

What are the reasons?

Pogo games or Pogo scrabble particularly runs on your web browser and rely completely on your computer system or on the device you are trying t run the game. So, before you check for any other cause, you must check if your system is up to date.

Once you are clear that your operating system is updated to the newest version, then you may start looking for the other reasons that may have caused the problem loading pogo to scrabble on your device. Below are some of the reasons mentioned that might have caused the problem:

  • Connection Problem: One of the fundamental problems can be associated with internet connectivity. Your game may fail to load due to a poor internet connection.
  • Check whether you have proper and internet connection and then try again.
  • Incorrect Password/ username: Some of the players may face problems logging in to the website. This may occur due to an incorrect username or password. 
  • Low Computer primary memory: Device with low RAM may cause problems for Pogo scrabble to work properly. Check whether your device has enough memory to run the game on your browser.
  • Flash Games: Check if your game uses Flash. You can check whether your game is using Flash by reviewing the lists of Flash games on Pogo.
  • Pop Up Blocker: One of the reasons for your game failure may be that you have enabled a pop-up blocker or allowed a program that blocks pop-ups for pogo games.
  • Antivirus is blocked: Sometimes, the antivirus installed on your computer system may block certain websites and inhabits you from using the website.

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How to fix Pogo Games problems?

All the reasons mentioned in the above paragraph can contribute to forbidding your device from running Pogo scrabbles on it. Follow the following points to get rid of the problems and fix your problem related to Pogo scrabble.   

  • Try clearing your browser’s cache: Cache data can play a big role in forbidding the device or the browser from running certain websites. To clear the cache data, try the following steps.
  • The open setting of your browser.
    1. After clicking on the setting option, click on clear history.
    2. When the history is being erased, a list of checkboxes appears to find a box named cache.
    3. Click on the cache box and then click on the delete option.
  • Delete the older version of JAVA: Sometimes, the fault is not in your browser but in the java version you are using. Download a new version of java and check if the problem continues.
  • Press windows key+r together on the keyboard this will open a dialogue box. Write appwiz.cpl
    1. Uninstall your JAVA from there and download the latest Java version from the official website of JAVA. 
    2. After installing the software, restart your browser to activate the new JAVA version to fix pogo java problems.

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  • Wednesday Challenge: Sometimes due to busy server on Wednesday as Wednesday challenge of the game is active. Due to high traffic on the server, Pogo scrabble may fail to work. Try entering into a room with fewer players; this might solve your problem. 

Once you have checked all the reasons that may have caused the game’s failure and have tried the options that may fix the problem and still do not get your problem fixed, you can always try contacting pogo tech support for help.