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Neopet is a pet game website that utilizes Adobe Flash. The website was launched in the late 90s which allowed users to create their pets and give them the name they want. They get to select between various creatures. The website has games that allowed users to play games with their pets, give them food, and also explore the world of Neopia. There’s more to it, users can create a bank account that will store Neopoints.

There is also a fake stock market to earn Neopoints. It was like a whole new fancy world that was all about pets. The fun part about the world was that it gave a real-life experience in the online world.

The classic games of the 90s have now come to an end, that’s what most users think. Many people have reported the Neopet Games are not working properly on their devices.

It was because of the cutoff of Adobe Flash that the games stopped working. However, there’s a solution to fix it and play the games. If you too are facing this problem of Neopet Games not working on your device, then you can refer to this article.

Cut Off Of Adobe Flash

The Neopet Website utilized Adobe Flash to allow users to play games. Flash games were a thing back then, and it was quite famous to all the users. Google has cut off Adobe Flash, and with this impending cut-off, the era of Neopet Games can also come to an end.

As of now, Google has only cut off the use of the flash player on their Google Chrome browser, and all the other browsers remain unaffected. People are still unsure whether there will be any Neopet Games or not, or will they have to live in a world without Neopet Games. Neopet is quite active on their Twitter account. They have said that they are working on mobile games (still in Beta) and a TV series. So what can be done to play Neopet Games?

How To Play Neopet Games?

If you are using Google Chrome then you can no longer play Neopet games on Chrome. It was in 2017 when Chrome started phasing out flash, and by the end of 2020, then completely removed Flash from its browser. Google Chrome now no longer supports Flash, and you cannot enable it again.

The same is for Mozilla Firefox. Mozilla Firefox also ended support for Flash by the end of the last year. These two browsers now no longer support Flash, and you won’t be able to run Neopet games on these browsers. However, you can install browsers like Microsoft Edge and Opera, which as of now, haven’t disabled Flash support on their browser.

The browser will not have Flash enabled or installed by default, and you will first have to install the plugin to run the game.

  • Visit the Neopet Games Website, and you will be asked to install the Flash player plugin onto your browser.
  • You can download the plugin from the Macromedia website, and install it on your browser. When installing the plugin, make sure that you close all the other windows and programs while installing the plugin. If any other program is still open, the installation process will not continue.
  • Once the installation is completed, close the browser, restart the computer, and then reload the game. The game will work on the browser.

If you are asked to install the latest plugin even if you are running the latest version, then try reinstalling the plugin. If the problem persists, you can try contacting customer support for the Macromedia.

now If you are not facing any issues with Flash then try logging in with another account. Maybe your account is having a problem, that’s why you are not able to play Neopet games.

If that still doesn’t solve your problem, you can try visiting the support page of the Neopet games and you can find answers in the community. If you didn’t find the answer to your query, then you can create a ticket, and the support team will reach out to you.

Why Is Flash Discontinuing?

The reason for the discontinuation of Flash is the vulnerability in terms of security. Flash has been vulnerable to security threats since all the web browsers started adapting the plugin. Many users reported vector attacks to steal information.

Security updates were also quite slow with the Plugin. It was the reason why Flash is being discontinued, and many browsers have disabled its support for it. The browsers that have the support for Flash currently will soon disable its support.

After The Complete Discontinuation Of Flash, Will Neopets Still Exist?

The discontinuation of Flash isn’t bad news for the fans of Neopets, and yes, there can be Neopets even after the Flash is discontinued. Neopets as of now is working on a TV series and mobile game which is still in beta. Neopet does not completely rely on Flash but most of its features run with Flash.

The discontinuation of Flash does not completely stop you from playing the games. Flash experience with Neopet Games included-

  • Maps such as Terror Mountain, Krawk Island, Explore the map, etc.
  • Few Neopian games such as Meerca Chase, Kass Basher, etc.
  • Comics and old plot movies.
  • Old Advent Calendar animations.
  • Customization of Neopets.

Conversion Of Flash Features

The team of Neopet Games is converting Flash features to enable users to play the games even after the flash is discontinued. Converting the flash features means rebuilding the features by using other web technologies apart from Flash so that the features will still be usable if Flash is not being utilized.

The features that are being converted using web technologies are Javascript, CSS, SVG graphics, Canvas, HTML5, etc. you can also find fun no wifi games that need no internet or wifi to run so even if you are not in an aria or place where mobile data works you can enjoy the games.

What Is Already Flash Free And What Are Still To Be Converted?

Neopet is working on flash conversion, and the features using Flash will work after its discontinuation. Some features of the games have already been converted and some are still in progress. The features that have converted are-

  • Altador world map
  • Meridell world map
  • Advent calendar animations
  • Brightvale world map
  • Mystery Island world map
  • Selection of flash games
  • Customization
  • NC Archives Wheel
  • Lost Desert+ Sakhmet world maps

These are some features that have been converted. Features that are still left to be converted are-

  • Remaining world maps
  • More flash games
  • Dailies such as Wheels, Kiko Pop, Qasalan Expellibox, etc.
  • NC malls such as Patapult and Wonderclaw.

Apart from conversion, Neopets will also be available on mobile. As of now, the beta version of the mobile games is available. Mobile does not support flash and the games running on mobile will use other web technologies that will make the games more stable and usable.

They are not just migrating the games for mobiles to other web technologies, but they are making a new mobile-friendly website.

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Final Words

Hope this article helps you understand what the problem was with your Neopet games and also helps you solve the problem with that. Flash will no longer be supported by all the browsers, and in upcoming days or months, all the browsers that are currently supporting Flash will no longer support it.

If all the conversion goes very well, then Neopets will exist without Flash. However, it is sure that there will be mobile-friendly Neopet games.