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When I say pogo, most of you guys might have a feeling that it’s just some kid’s game. But one of the most surprising things about pogo is that most of its players are more than 45 years old.

There are two ways you can play this game:

  • By paying the membership fee for some specific games and also taking full advantage of the premium games. 
  • You can also play by signing up for free and enjoy the games with ads

No matter which of the above users you are, there is a significant amount of chance that you might face pogo sign in or login problems. Here’s a solution to the issue.

pogo sign in problems

Ever since the time pogo shifted to using EA accounts for people to log in, many people are facing pogo sign-in or login problems. Pogo has complicated the issue even further by disconnecting facebook connect login, through which people could log-in using their Facebook. 
Here, we are going to be listing 5 reasons for your trouble and their solutions.

forgotten your password?

If you’ve changed your password to something difficult in hopes that nobody will find out, and you itself ended up forgetting it, then follow these steps to reset your password.

  • Go to the official pogo website,, and then click on sign in. 
pogo sign in problems
  • Now, find and click on the forgot password option. 
  • You will be asked to type your username, do that and click on next. 
  • You should receive an email with a reset link, open your registered email, and follow the reset link to reset the password of your pogo account.

forget your screen name? Here’s a solution

You can use the below-mentioned steps if you have forgotten your password or the screen name.

  • Go to the official website,, and then click on the sign-in option. 
  • On the sign-in screen, you will see the forgot password and screen name option. 
  • Click on the one you have forgotten. 
  • When you do click on your preferred option, a few instructions will lead you through the way. 
forgot pogo password
  • You will be asked to register an email with the pogo account. 
  • Type the email you want to register and then click submit. 
  • Check your email, you will see an email containing your pogo username. 
  • Use the received username along with the password to sign in to your pogo account.

Now if you have any issues like pogo java problems then try the given methods.

internet connection might be slow

Sometimes, the internet might be the one stopping you from signing in to your favorite game. Here’s what you can do to fix it. 
(you can restart your computer as well as the modem)

  • Adjust your router channel settings, this will provide a faster connection. 
  • Now, launch the pogo game and see if you are able to log in. 
  • If you are unable to login to pogo due to a slow internet connection, give a call to the nearby internet service provider and let him/her take a look at your internet connection.

Club membership might have expired

If this is the case, you and I can’t do anything. If you choose not to renew the club membership, you can still play pogo but the free version where only a limited number of pogo games are available. 
But if you do choose to renew it, you can easily do so by logging in to your pogo account and going to the club pogo membership or do contact pogo customer support number for help

Your pogo account might have been compromised

there are rumors of Pogo Virus Problem so If all of the above-mentioned stuff is not the problem, there’s a pretty high chance your account is compromised. Don’t worry, you can easily recover your account by following these steps.

  • Change the password of your email associated with the pogo account. 
  • Install an antivirus and throw all of that virus out of your computer. 
  • Now, reset the password of your pogo account. 
  • You should contact pogo customer support to get more safety as well as information.

Basic pogo login troubleshooting

These are just simple troubleshooting for times your mind is not at its best.

  • Make sure that the username is correct, if you are not sure about that, dig a little deep in the email you’ve registered for pogo, you will find a mail from pogo having your username in it. 
  • Give your brain some work and try to recall the old password (go back into those old memories). See that the caps lock and num lock are adjusted to a normal value, you need them, if not your password can be case-sensitive. 
  • If more than one person in your family plays pogo and both of you are using the same account, then just try using any other user for the password.

(If none of the tips work, try resetting your password real quick. Follow the steps mentioned below to do so.)

Resetting pogo account password

  • Open your browser (google, safari, yahoo, just open anything that works)
  • Type 
  • Now, you will be in the official website of pogo, click on sign in 
  • Once you do that, you will be in the pogo login screen, type the username as well as password, at the bottom you should see a link for forgot password and screen name. 
  • When you see pogo account recovery at the end, type in the screen name and then click on Submit. 
  • You will now receive an email from pogo containing a link leading to your password reset. Login to the email you’ve registered and click on the link to reset your password. 
pogo account recovery
  • The mail will give you further directions. Follow all of the stuff mentioned in the mail and you will be able to reset your pogo password. 
  • Now, relaunch the browser and go to the official website of pogo,, sign in with the screen name also known as username and password. 
  • Write the password and username on a piece of paper. You can also type it in a word file and save it.

You can always cancel the pogo subscription if the login is being done for too many days. Now to any other Problems you can contact Pogo support to help you Fix the Issues.